Jacklyn Skrukrud

Jacklyn lives in Minnesota with her husband, two daughters, one dog and one crazy Calico that rules the roost.

Not only is Jacklyn a writer, she is also a working musician, and a sign language interpreter. 

She started playing music as a young teen. At the age of nineteen, she crossed ten time zones and experienced a temperature difference of 110 degrees within a matter of days to find herself rocking her bass guitar on the tropical island of Saipan. Now, she is playing concerts with top notch musicians in front of larger crowds than ever before.

Love of language is a common thread that ties her career choices together.

As a musician, she communicates emotions through music. As an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter she gives others a voice. And finally, as a writer, she can help, guide, or convince; entertain or simply state opinions with the power of the pen (or more accurately, the computer keyboard). 

Bouncing between three careers isn’t always easy. It takes time management skills, determination, a downright love for each career choice and love for a bit of chaos.